Crises, herbs, (neo-)colonialism

World Malaria Day event

25 April is World Malaria Day 2024.
“Crises, herbs, (neo-)colonialism” – Fight the Fever invites you to an evening with a documentary film, discussion and drinks tasting.

The film “The Fever” by director Katharina Weingartner shows malaria as a case study of courageous self-determination against neo-colonial greed for profit and refuses to take the same old view of African “suffering”.

Artemisia annua, a medicinal herb that is also increasingly cultivated in Vorarlberg, plays a central role on this evening and can be tasted in various drinks. 

After the film, Katharina Weingartner and the social ecologist and
FNL herbal expert Sade Nimea will talk to moderator and cultural journalist Ingrid Bertel about health and colonial thinking, opportunities for encounters at eye level and whose ideas and traditions count. This World Malaria Day we want to encourage reflection not only on those affected by malaria, but also on the global context of health, knowledge and justice.


Admission is free with an optional donation to the “Fight the Fever” organisation and thus to the fight against malaria and to support communities affected by it.’

hard facts:
Title of the event: Fever Dreams: Of crises, herbs and (neo-)colonialism
Venue: Altes Hallenbad Feldkirch
Reichenfeldgasse 10,
6800 Feldkirch
Date: 25 April 2024
Time: 19-22 h

Language: primarily German




World Malaria Day event

On april 25th 2023, World Malaria Day, Fight the Fever hosted a special event: Much of the current dominant structures in science, research and culture are based on the hegemony of eurocentric views. This colonial thinking continues to obscure which life has which value, who meets whom on equal terms, whose ideas and traditions count, which research projects are funded and which are not.  A panel with participants from culture, science and journalism discussed their knowledge and experiences under the theme of “decolonizing thinking”. After a little break with some Artemisia tea, a screening of “EDELWEISS.” took place.



new chapter in Kenya established

On the last weekend of June 2022, the second Fight The Fever chapter has been established in Kenya, more percisely in Sori.

Artemisia afra has already been planted and is growing and thriving and plans to spread the knowledge further are already being made.



first chapter in East Africa established

On april 25th, World Malaria Day, the kick off event for the first Fight The Fever chapter in Kenya and simultanously the first Fight The Fever chapter in Africa, took place.

Artemisa afra cuttings were planted  in a new nursery, a screening of “The Fever” and workshops on using Artemisia against malaria took place and the community celebrated.



study, community work and partizipatory movie project

Together with east african scientists we are currently in the process of conducting a study on the efficacy of Artemisia Afra in Tanzania. Simultaniously there will be screenings of “The Fever” and workshops on the growth and use of Artemisia afra in multiple communities. A tanzanian film team will document the impact in a partizipatory documentary project called “SEED”.



A cinematic-scientific approach to malaria

The conference was a co-operation between Fight the Fever – Verein zur Unterstützung lokaler Strategien gegen Malaria and Österreichische Hochschüler_innenschaft der Universität Wien. It included a screening of “THE FEVER” and multiple panels on decolonizing Medicine and Film.