Plant the seed. Fight the fever.

Organization for the support of local strategies against malaria

Our Goals



local, sustainable, affordable strategies against malaria


the seeds and grow Artemisia


a community


about neocolonial structures in science and public health


and spread indigenous knowledge


the effects of the campaign

Meet our Team

Fight The Fever is a group of people with diverse interests and expertises from all over the world. Together we want to speak up for the preservation and use of indigenious medical knowledge and for self determined healthcare, independent from profit interests of the Global North.


Help planting the seed and fighting the fever with local sustainable solutions. Your donation makes our work possible.
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In order to grow we need people who fight the fever with us. How can you be a part of the Fight The Fever movement?
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Every minute, a child in sub-Saharan Africa dies from malaria.

What if there was an herb that could defeat the malaria parasite and save a thousand lives per day, every day? 

Fight The Fever is supporting people, who heal and protect themselves from malaria in a self determined way and works towards abolishing unjust power structures in the public health system.


Help us to spread the message and the Artemisia plants.

In order to let the plant and the movement grow, organize screenings and workshops, carry out a film project, initiate studies on the efficacy of Artemisia afra and pass on knowledge about indigenous healing methods and traditional knowledge, our partners in East Africa and we are dependent on donations.

Aside from financial contributions you can also support the cause with your time and know how. You can become a Fever Fighter here.

Our Story

During the seven years of research starting in 2012 and resulting in the documentary “THE FEVER”, it became blatantly clear, that the most sustainable strategies against malaria are local strategies based on African science and indigenous knowledge.

In 2019 “THE FEVER” finally had its world premiere and caused a lot of public discourse about neocolonial patterns and public health. We realized it was a project we had to continue.

“Fight The Fever” was officially established on February 27th 2020 as an organization to support local strategies against malaria.

“THE FEVER” hit the cinemas in September 2020 and we used the opportunity to kickoff of the “Fight The Fever” campaign.


2020 also brought the first rendition of our event series “Fever Dreams”.

After some lockdowns and a lot of work the seed for a follow up documentary film project was planted in 2021.

In 2022 the first Fight the Fever Chapter was founded in Sondu, Kenya. The Community Based Organisation (CBO) was able to achieve great successes through their work with Artemisia. Since then more communities followed suit and more Chapters started to form.

“THE FEVER” was finally shown on Austrian public television, on ORF 2, in 2023.